About Koochici


Koochici was the brain child of the brilliant Lavinia, based in Manchester UK.

Lavinia had been fascinated with textiles and Interiors for many years,
spending her early life working as a seamstress and overlocker in the old sewing factories of Manchester.

After becoming "Educationally Institutionalized" as Lavinia puts it she went on to work within the Interior design Industry. Although there were positive experiences,
Lavinia found that she was at her very best and happiest when following her bliss...

Her tallent was then furthered after going to college where Lavinia studied 1 year of Fashion Design, 1 year of Design & Decorative Techniques,
2 years of Fine Art and Graduating in 2007 with a Spatial Interior Design degree.

Lavinias advise to all of us is 'Follow your Bliss'.

Check out Lavinia's Koochici Products here: