About Mr J Designs

Mr J Designs FoundersBased in Great Britain, Mr J Designs is an independent furniture and product design company which creates
unique pieces of original homeware and lighting.

The business is famed for its Charles Bowler Hat Light and Prince Edward Top Hat Light; both of which have
been bestsellers since the company’s launch in 2012.
The story behind Mr J Designs started years earlier when school friends Jon Clark and James Ecroyd dreamt
of turning their favourite lesson – Design Technology & Woodwork – into a career.

Fast forward seven years and the pair had both achieved top design degrees from British universities and
gained considerable experience at high-end firms. 
Still great friends, they decided to follow their dream with the launch of their own design company; Mr J
Designs was born.Based in Wales, both James and Jon are passionate about home grown talent and classic
British design.

No wonder then that they are now a well-established retailer of a product with a quintessential, British
feel; the Charles Bowler Hat Light. Alongside their classic pendant lights, they’re also keen to promote other
young, British designers, whose work they feel should be showcased to encourage the very best original talent.

Jon and James ensure the products they produce and supply are of the very highest standards and are items which have longevity and a story of their own.

If you have any feedback for Mr J Designs, or perhaps an idea or a product you’d like to introduce them to, drop them a line:

Contact Us Page, call 01244 940 772 or email info@mrjdesigns.co.uk

James & Jon

Mr J Designs