We at Mr J are big fans of the humble bookshelf. There is something warm and homely about the spines of books on shelves isn’t there? You can tell a lot about a person by the books they have on display.

kindle vs book

Sales of eBooks have grown exponentially over the last few years, driven by huge sales of literary works like Fifty Shades of Grey. The benefits of these digital books are undeniable. Thousands of books in the palm of your hand, smaller and more convenient with the ability to do much more than be a book. Most devices like the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle can browse the internet, download your daily newspaper, play games and help you catch up with your friends.

The eBook market is now a multibillion pound industry and it's fair to say it is here to stay! But does this mean the end for books? Well the traditional book has certainly survived the test of time, the oldest book still in existence is a 2,500 year old book comprised of six pages of beaten 24-carat gold covered with Etruscan script, one of the few writing systems scholars have yet to decipher.  


This may well be the biggest challenge yet for print on paper, but the book still has one trick up its sleeve and we touched on it right at the beginning. The book is beautiful, it can make a room look full and inviting. Holding a book in your hand is a much more dextrous thing. I truly believe the book is here to stay. You could compare this to how mp3s almost killed the CD. However, I believe the book will live on in the same way vinyl records have survived, despite being an outdated source of entertainment compared to its competitors.

So the question comes down to; how do I enjoy my books to their max? My suggestion would be display them well. A fantastic bookshelf can really make a room special, either as a subtle accent to a room or a major statement. So here are some of my favourites:

This style really embraces the beauty of books. There is something very striking about having an entire wall of solid books. The eclectic sizes and colours end up looking incredible over an area that size. 

bookshelf with ladder

There has always been something romantic about a bookshelf with a sliding ladder, this one is simple but beautiful. 

bookshelf Staircase

How about building a bookshelf into your staircase? I admit this one is a lot of work, but I’m sure you will agree the result is amazing. 

For more pictures click here!

floating bookshelf

Or how about our very own Conceal Bookshelf! Simple, cheap yet effective. It makes your books look as though they are floating off the wall. You can buy them here.


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