New Design: Barrel Light

Some time ago we at Mr J Deisgns had the idea of a light made from a whiskey barrel. Our thinking was this would be an ideal feature light for pubs, restaurants, distilleries or even a large country home. This idea has come in the form of many different doodles and iterations, but in the last few weeks we finally got to make our final design!

First step was emptying the barrel of the whiskey, this was the ‘fun part’ of the design process, but we have little memory or evidence of what occurred during this time! After a suitable amount of time had passed we were finally fit to use some industrial machinery.

After some cleaning, drying, varnishing, cutting, bending, drilling, a lot of heavy lifting and then a few parts to be made bespoke for this light we were there! And what a stunning piece it is!

We think it would look incredible in a country pub, hanging off a beam like we have done in our workshop, or even a whiskey distillery in a tasting room as a feature light. We have so many ideas for this beautiful light and are looking forward to getting in touch with a few of Mr J’s favourite country pubs to see if they would like something similar in their fine establishments.

If you are interested in our Barrel Light get in touch and we can tell you more about it.

Now available to order in our online shop.

Remember if you have an idea for a light and want our help designing and/or making it just get in touch via our contact form.