One of Mr J’s many friends recently purchased their first home (and many congratulations to them!) and left in their new back garden was this funky little mid-century chair.

Ok, it was pretty damp, rotten and painted a funny shade of blue long before being left outside in all weathers, but it was vaguely salvageable.

For a while there has been a concept brewing in the dangerous minds of Mr J involving painting wooden furniture in odd places, or at odd angles.
Well, this little chair couldn’t have appeared at a better time.

The chair was dismantled and left to dry for a few weeks and was then sanded down and put back together with love and care.

After re-assembling the piece it was re sanded with fine sandpaper and varnished in a clear, satin finish to try and keep any wood grain left from all of the years of mistreatment. Once the varnish was dry the piece was deliberated over for some time regarding the imminent paint job.

Once it was decided to be painted white, and roughly a third vertically, the piece was masked and boxed off (very professionally as seen below!).

This area was then primed and sprayed with a gloss white finish 3 times. The final paint job was revealed and the next choice was the seating area.

This was a difficult decision, so a few options were mocked up. There was the idea of the cushion being divided along the same line in the same colours. Or even opposite colours to highlight the line. But it was ultimately determined that a plain, uniform cushion would be preferable to highlight the line on the wood. This was done in a dark grey, as it is a complimentary colour to the piece, and for pure ease of wear, tear and spills.

The final chair can be seen below in all of its new glory! Let us know what you think about it, we would love to hear feedback as we are contemplating doing more of the same style.

Written by Jon