Bespoke Oak Plank Light

A few weeks ago a friend of Mr J got in touch asking if we could make a similar light to the Aluminium Bar Light, but with a piece of Oak he had that matched his dining room table. Well, ask and you shall receive!

After getting hold of the oak plank (and after finding a way of fitting it in Jon’s car!) we got to work measuring out how many lights would suit this length, 3, 4 or 5. We all settled on 4, then got to work marking out and making the bespoke light. A bit of drilling and chiselling and we had all the right spaces for the electrics without having wires sticking out of the top of the piece of oak.

We fitted a ceiling rose on the oak to join the wires and give us 1 ‘strand’ of the fabric cable going to a matching rose on the ceiling. We sprayed some hooks black to match the aesthetic of the cable and the chain and fitted them to the oak plank. We decided to hang the light of 2 points instead of 4, this way the plank would stay level and the chain would make a feature triangle on the ends.

The finished light looks great, and we have one very happy customer!
And now available in our online shop for anyone to have within their home.
Don’t forget if you have a bespoke project in mind for us to have a go at let us know by getting in touch on our contact form.