Here at Mr J Designs we like to keep our ear to the ground regarding the latest trends. Something that has been approaching over the last few weeks and months has been an ‘Outdoors In’ theme.

This can be as simple as using more natural materials such as wood, or even to use more literal motifs, such as clouds or the sun.
Clouds especially seem to be right on trend. So here at Mr J HQ we’ve been working tirelessly to design and manufacture a Cloud Light for our fashionable and loyal customers.

We have no shortage of research material living here in the North of Wales! So after a lifetime of looking up and seeing clouds we decided to use a Cumulus Cloud. These are puffy clouds that float quite separately in a roughly rounded shape.

Making use of the shapes and lots of material research over a few months we eventually cracked it!

The Cloud Lampshade was born!


Using the traditional methods of hanging a lampshade from the ceiling, but with a new oval shaped structure we created a fluffy, unique cloud that looks as at home as a real cloud does in the skies over Britain.

We hope you like it, and we love to get as much feedback as possible on our new designs.
So if you have the time, drop us a note below and let us know what you think of our New Cloud Lampshade.

Written By Jon

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