Bespoke solid oak refectory-style dining table, designed for a client. This Large dining room table can accommodate between 8 and 12 people. 

Designed with a feature lattice pattern of burr oak wood. This dining table was designed for the space which it will occupy. Detailed dimensions were taken of the space, as well as photographs to allow the design to fit perfectly.
The Design was then moked up in the space on the computer to give the client the full picture of how their table would look in the space.


Made of European and burr oak. This table is finished to the highest standards.


This oak refectory table is designed to enhance the look of the kitchen. The fine craft style details gives a more personal look to the table compared to a mass produced piece. The proportions have been carefully worked out to easily allow for three people down each side between the legs and if four people are required they straddle the table legs avoiding painful interactions.


Written By Jon