The Prince Edward Top Hat Light is a great addition to any room.

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Angle On Hat 1024x768 Prince Edward Top Hat Light

This quirky take on a great british classic is a great centre piece and talking point. How many of your friends can say they have a top hat light above their dining room table?

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The History of the Top Hat

The first top hat in England is credited to George Dunnage, a hatter from Middlesex, in 1793.

Within twenty years top hats had become popular with all social classes. At that time those worn by members of the upper classes were usually made of felted beaver fur. The hats became part of the uniforms worn by policemen and postmen (to give them the appearance of authority); since these people spent most of their time outdoors, their hats were topped with black oilcloth.

During the 19th century, the top hat developed from a fashion into a symbol of urban respectability, and this was assured whenPrince Albert started wearing them in 1850.

Notable Top Hat Wearers

Prince Edward (Edward VIII)

The Prince our top hat light is named after. Edward married American socialite Wallis Simpson, (a divorced woman) creating huge scandal. Before his marriage Edward as forced to abdicate, Edward knew that the government led by British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin would resign if the marriage went ahead, which could have dragged the king into a general election and would ruin his status as a politically neutral constitutional monarch. Choosing not to end his relationship with Simpson, Edward abdicated. He was succeeded by his younger brother Albert, who chose the regnal name George VI. With a reign of 326 days, Edward was one of the shortest-reigning monarchs in British and Commonwealth history. He was never crowned.

After his abdication, he was given the title Duke of Windsor. He married Simpson in France on 3 June 1937, after her second divorce became final.

This story had been popularised by the film ‘The Kings Speech’

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Brunel is a bit of a hero here at Mr J Designs, he was a British mechanical and civil engineer who built bridges and dockyards, the Great Western Railway, a series of steamships including the first propeller-driven transatlantic steamship and numerous important bridges and tunnels. His designs revolutionised public transport and modern engineering.

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