When trying to buy items for those tricky relatives (whether grown up or not so grown up!) it can often be a tricky shopping experience. However, we at Mr J are here to help! 


We all have that relative or friend.... you know the one... you should really buy something for them... but preferably for under £20. A trick I use is to not think what the person needs (as people tend to buy these items themselves!) but what the recipient enjoys and then what would complement it.


Are they a wine lover perhaps? Why not try the Hammered Shark Bottle Opener . A 2-in-1 bottle and wine bottle opener in the shape of a hammerhead shark. This personal favourite of mine is a really high quality chromed steel bottle opener that is not only a bit kooky but works a charm. Designed to look like a Hammerhead shark it really is a unique way to open a variety of bottles in any home.

Here are some pictures of Dave, my Hammer head shark bottle opener pictured in my kitchen,

 a quirky yet fun bottle opener stocking filler shark bottle opener

If that particular bottle opener doesn't suit you why not try the wobble bottle opener. This is actually a really good bottle opener with a fun twist. In fact there is currently an office competition going on between Jon and myself over which product will be more popular. The  U-Lens Contact Lens Case  (chosen by Jon) and my choice of the Wobble Bottle Opener  (I’m currently winning).


If the recipient fancies themselves a chef why not try the brilliant iSpoon Kitchen Stylus . In the modern world one of the most often used sources for recipes and cookery tips is our tablets. With this wooden spoon you can stir you meal and the other clean end works perfectly on the touch screens, this means you no longer have to have your ipad covered in melted chocolate and flour. If this has never happened to you trust me it’s not as good as it sounds. If it wasn't for comforting myself with brownies I may have been mildly annoyed.

A further advantage of buying someone this unique gift as a stocking filler is you can casually ask what they have made using it and get free food! This has yet to fail with my mum who has just discovered the wonders of her iPad and the countless online recipes.


If you are still looking for a good stocking filler why not try a wall decoration as a gift. These are a bit like artwork but often a bit more fun and used to break up those awkward spaces that nothing really fits in. In my house I seem to have Moustache Wall Decorations  everywhere, although I may be a bit biased as we made them. A really nice example of a wall decoration is the Nimbus , these cloud outlines look fantastic on a wall and will brighten up any dull space.


Still not found anything you like? Have a bit of a browse or even send us a message and we will try think of something for you. 

Written By James