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Moustache Wall Decoration

Moustache Wall Decoration

A fun home or office wall art accessory that will make you smile all day long.

Modeled on the handlebar moustache popular with soldiers in a by gone era

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Moustache Wall Decoration by Mr J


Are you looking for interior inspiration? If you’re not afraid to make a statement, this quirky home interiors accessory will make you smile.

This unusual wall decoration has been designed to be fun by Mr J Designs and will always say something original about you!

This Handlebar Moustache (so called because it is in the shape of bicycle handlebars) as a piece of wall art, will also add humour to any office environment, making light of your working day.

This contemporary wall hanging is ideal to hang on any wall at home, as a fun feature and an immediate talking point.
You can also keep your Handlebar Moustache Wall Art home accessory, neat and tidy with the real Kent Moustache Comb which is included, ensuring your moustache wall decoration is always groomed


Black Foamex (a high quality rigid material used to give the moustache strength and thickness.)
Faux fur: black
H 12cm x W 40cm x D 1.5cm SMALL
H 24cm x W 80cm x D 1.5cm LARGE
Inludes official Kent Moustache Comb 

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